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SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! by Ruth Whittaker
This post was about the servo application on Eumundi rd where Maluka and Captain Sips Sops is.

It was absolutely huge on the noticeboard and it's still getting a few comments.

I think the scariest part is how many people want Hungry Jacks

Frank Wilkie's "We all own it" letter
Many have busy lives, so achieving full community understanding of what our council
does, let alone what a biosphere reserve is, will always be an aspirational goal.

Basically, the Noosa Shire is the biosphere reserve. The biosphere reserve is Noosa Shire.

It's Queensland's first and one of 14 in Australia recognised under the United Nation's "Man in the Biosphere” Program for its balance between human activity and environmental protection.

The individuals, groups and government agencies that have made Noosa a great place
to live, didn't do it because Noosa is a biosphere reserve.

Noosa is a biosphere reserve because of the efforts of individuals, groups and agencies over many decades. No one owns it. We all do.

The beach walker collecting litter every morning, the business owner reducing waste, the community groups restoring natural areas and waterways, the multi government agencies working to minimize harm done by human activity all contribute to maintaining and improving this balance.

Noosa Council also has a major role in supporting the not-for-profit organisations that help make our shire, this biosphere reserve, what it is.

Of the $3.7million in special levies and rates council distributes to groups annually, around $2.5 million fosters economic prosperity via Tourism Noosa which promotes Noosa as a destination and through an economic development grants program.

Some $870,000 goes to community, cultural and sporting organisations

Around 10 percent, up to $390,000, is set aside for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve
Foundation (NBRF) to undertake activities including a dedicated environmental grants program.

NBRF is one half of a two-part volunteer structure consisting also of the Noosa Community Biosphere Association (NCBA) who run activities supporting conservation and sustainable living. Membership is open to all.

NBRF's board also has public reporting obligations to Noosa council and the UN and is currently doing so via a periodic review of the community's collective efforts at maintaining the global recognition. New board positions to help balance a required skill set will be publicly advertised in the coming weeks.

Both groups have websites with more information and reports about their complementary aims, projects and events.
Frank Wilkie
Noosa Deputy Mayor
Community Consultation - Ben Callcott A bridge to North Shore?
Micheal Hancock wants a bridge to the North Shore ->

Notice Board Topics
Here are links to the three posts on the Noosa Community Notice Board that have been getting a lot of traction.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/noosacre...501507775/  <- Drew Price's lack of toilets issue

https://www.facebook.com/groups/noosacre...124703546/  <- Keith Jackson's biosphere post

https://www.facebook.com/groups/noosacre...324892726/  <- Donna Campbell's Jetski post
Noosa Waterfront Restaurant
Just wanted to post some of the documents put together by the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant.

.pdf   Story-of-a-Patch-of-Grass.pdf (Size: 224.57 KB / Downloads: 0)

.pdf   How-you-can-act-to-help.pdf (Size: 833.34 KB / Downloads: 0)

.pdf   What-you-can-SAY-to-help.pdf (Size: 399.23 KB / Downloads: 0)
Noosa Council failed to complete $7 million of the $24 million Capital Works 2015/2015 which was then carried over to 2015/2016 Capital Works $34million budget.
Noosa ratepayers paid the $7 million carry over in the 2014/2015 rates. Did Noosa ratepayer pay the $7 million again in the 2015/2016 rates?
In other words were ratepayers charged twice?
It has been reported that Council Staff sick days per month this year March and April are 300 per month compared to 200 days same time last year.
Councillor Pardon is spot on in his claim that Council staff are overloaded no doubt due to the 100 reduction of staff by the previous Mayor Noel Playford.
It is obvious that insufficient staff numbers has also resulted in Council Capital Works not being scoped for work by Council Workers or Contractors and the predicted shortfall of Council Capital works being completed by 30th June. Lets hope the Capital Works completed this year will be better than the 63% last year.
Artisanal Food Trucks in Outer Areas of Noosa Shire
There is an increasing interest in Freshly Made Food Trucks, supplying delicious, fresh made food from a variety of backgrounds. This interest is growing in places like Brisbane, Melbourne, The Gold Coast etc, and is well established in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 
Many of these purveyors use local product to create exotic food that ordinary people don't get every day. 
I have been contacted by at least two of these people after I posted an article on my Ken Coleman for Noosa Facebook page.

I realise that restaurant owners do not want competition in town, but I am thinking that it may be an option to have a number of food trucks at locations like the Botanic Gardens, Castaways Beach car-park, Next to the Ferry ramp, the bottom of Mt Tinbeerwah, etc. 

Perhaps one truck at each location, on a rotational basis, so locals get variety, and notifications of which truck is where can be posted on a Facebook page or on Twitter, so people can seek them out if they want to. 

Tie it in with the Hinterland trails, Slow-food movement etc. 

Any ideas, or opinions? Would council have to grant permits? We have ice-cream trucks at the River Mouth and Hastings Street...why not this?
Interesting survey in the Sunshine Coast Daily

Well worth a read about the issues that affect us here on the Coast, or at least our perceptions of them.
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